26 October 2010

A New Version of Seedfall + More In Between News

As promised, I’ve put together another version of Seedfall that contains a number of changes and (I hope) improvements. I’ve added quite a bit more background information to the setting, mostly because people wanted to know a bit more about what kind of technology they have at their disposal. There has also been some major changes to The Seed, specifically puppeteers. I’ve made them significantly scarier at the cost of the overall viciousness of being impaled by a vine. Still, the change is for the best and I think making them inhalable so that they might fill your lungs and then squirm their way out of your mouth more than makes up for it. I also added an entire section on role playing as a colonist or puppet along with specific rules related to becoming a puppet, cures, and other puppet features. There are quite a bit more changes since the game grew by quite a few pages, but the changes are escaping me at this time.

You can get the latest version here.

I’ve discovered another quick review of In Between, this one is quite a bit more favourable than the official Game Chef one, but also not as in depth. It's short, so I'm going to quote it entirely:

The Good: Stuck between worlds trying to atone for sins? I love the concept and I like how the bidding system works with the dice and your power pools. It gets harder the more you accomplish because you lose power.
The Bad: Dice, lots and lots of dice. You need at least 15d6 per person. If one theme this year is maps, the other one would be dice.
The Other: I love how striking the title page is. It’s simple black and white, but it really made me interested in the game.
Would I play it? Yes, several times because apparently like a cat I have nine lives.

Thanks to Jonathan for his quick thoughts. He has also gone through and done the rest of the 58 Game Chef entries. What a job! Check out his blog.


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