20 February 2011

In Between v2 is finished.

I’ve spent a lot of time procrastinating in regards to the second version of In Between. I’ve had all kinds of notes and ideas sitting in a dropbox folder for months, but when it came down to compiling them all I just kept putting it off.
No more! I sat down this week and put them all into the lackluster layout that is the official version of In Between. Those of you that are actually interested will want to know what is new. To help with that I have provided this handy list:
  • No longer requires more six sided dice than any reasonable person owns.
  • Play now moves through distinct phases and provides a more on topic and ritualized way of playing.
  • The narration control system has changed significantly from a very open universalis-like approach to one more focused variety.
  • This means less direct competition between players.
  • The Power economy has been reworked to require less dice rolling and has a few more quirks than before.
  • Much less competitive than before. You don’t need to possess a mortal in order to fulfill your atonement goals.
  • Demons have been fleshed out. They actually affect the game now and more selfish characters can walk down the demonic path.
  • Exorcists have been added to the game. A new threat (or ally) in the quest for redemption.
There are a few other things, but that'll give you a good idea. The game has gained around 4 pages of new content all in all. It still lacks a lot of examples and those may eventually come if I do another revision.

I’ve put the game up on Google Docs, so check it out! 


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