19 May 2012

A nicer version of By Firelight

I completed this some time ago, but only today did I get around to uploading it somewhere to be seen. Here is a PDF version of By Firelight after an editing and layout pass.

You'll notice that the pages are quite small and this is because this PDF has been formatted to display on small screen, like on an iPad or Kindle. It isn't ideal for reading on a monitor, but you're like me and are sick of game PDFs being borderline unusable on hand-held devices then you will understand.

At this point I am pretty happy with the rules, but I don't consider the game complete. I would like to include:
  • A walk through of a scene or two of play.
  • 3 “adventures”. I imagine a By Firelight adventure to be a little different from what we typically call an adventure. It would consist of some ready to go characters, suggested words/phrases to put into the draw bag and several key scenes for the Guide. I would like to include one adventure set in a house, another at a campground and a third in a graveyard. I imagine that all of these places would be a good spot for a game of By Firelight.
  • More advice for the Guide/Storyteller.
  • A better layout and a PDF in 8.5×11 so that it views on a monitor and prints better.


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