27 September 2011

One Lost Update

I’ve been busy working on a super secret project and seem to have missed an update here or there. I’ll post about the aforementioned covert project as soon as I’m able, in the meantime I suppose I should let let you know that One Lost Pipe placed 4th in System/Rules and 4th in Layout/Appearance for RPG Geek’s 48 hour RPG contest.

While I can’t say that I’m not disappointed that I didn’t place higher, I am pleased that I did so well with a quirky game like One Lost Pipe. The winners in all of the categories are darn fun looking games. My personal favourite of the competition was The Conspiracy of Unkind Constables. I thought it was a very well written and designed game. You can check out the rest of the entries here.

I’ve got to say that I’m a little burned out on design competitions right now, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for any more that might be on the horizon.


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