16 February 2013

Dwarven Stone Whisperers

My Dungeon World campaign keeps trucking along and recently two of the PCs uncovered a secret dwarven item. I don't have a name for the item and, since it was destroyed shortly after the PCs discovered it, I'll likely never have to give it a name. What I can tell you is that it was a small stone sphere covered in runes and other etchings, etchings that contained the secrets of the order of Dwarven Stone Whisperers. Let's call it a Memory Stone for clarity's sake.

A Memory Stone is a small spherical rock with ornate runes carved into the surface. The runes are complex and written in a ciphered dwarven script. The cipher key is known only to members of the Brotherhood of Stone Whisperers, although it is not impossible to crack should someone have the means to do so. If the stone is subjected to direct light, natural or otherwise, it will whither away to dust in seconds.

Memory Stones contain the secrets needed to understand the language of the earth and rock. Stone Whisperers use them to pass along the techniques and magics used to coax stone into shapes, pass through solid walls and even create servants of the earth. These stones are guarded jealously and the price for allowing one to fall into the hands of an outsider are dire. Dwarven Stoneshaping is prestigious and closely guarded secret even among the clans and no non-dwarves have ever been taught the art.

Stone Whisperer Compendium Class

Once you have studied the secrets etched upon a Memory Stone, you may take this move when you level up:

Earthen Memories
When you discern realities when touching stone you may ask: "What does the stone remember?"

Once you've taken "Earthen Memories," the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you level up.

You wield the power to shape earth, stone and rock with your magic. With enough time you can even do so in the finest of detail.
10+ You are able to shape the stone into the desired shape.
7-9 You are able to shape the stone, but must choose one of these defects: fragile, misshapen, or incomplete/significant time investment required.
6- The stone does not react to your shaping.

Pass Through Stone
You have the power to walk through non-magical stone as if it were no more resistant than a curtain.
10+ You may pass through 1' of stone per level.
7-9 You may pass through the stone, but it either takes much longer than expected, you do not come out where intended or your equipment is lost along the way.
6- You are not able to pass through the stone.

Create Golem
With enough time you are able to craft a magical companion from the earth. This golem may be of small, medium or large size and can be altered with Stoneshape as desired. Follow the monster creation rules to create your golem. Golems can only understand simple commands and the larger the golem the dumber they are. Small golems can understand three word commands, medium golems two words and large golems only a single word. Golems will execute any order given to them by their master until commanded to stop. Small and medium golems may be given multiple commands so long as the total number of commands does not exceed two or three words (depending on size).


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