27 January 2013

Goblin Name Generator

A while ago, when I was feeling ambitious, I decided to try branching out of computer hardware and into a little programming. I got through a couple of beginner-level Python courses before getting sidetracked by other things. This weekend I got it into my head to try making a name/word generator that I could put on the web. Of course, getting Python on the web is beyond my meager skills so I ended up taking a crack at javascript.

The result of my javascript experimentation is this: a goblin name generator. I seeded it by going through Paizo's Goblins of Golarion and hacking the goblin names/tribes into pieces by syllable. This means that the names that pop out of this generator ought to be lore friendly for Pathfinder/Golarion games. Even if you don't play Pathfinder I think you will find the names are goblin-y enough for your needs.

Some things that I would have liked to include in this generator, but was unable to puzzle out: male/female toggle and batch generation of names.


  1. Love the goblin name generator! Here are some of my favorites (I was cracking up at these):

    Chorpus Eggtoads
    Vobbus Fishstink
    Rurg Birdbag
    Gowpow Skunkfur

  2. Tina Tona
    Croak Toach
    Tupa Tua
    Kona Kala
    Jinkster Bee Bee
    Honey Stue

  3. If anyone knows goblin games please tell me it would be useful



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