3 May 2013

Elven Name Generator

Today I round out my set of standard fantasy race name generators with an elven name generator. For this generator I took pieces of ancient celtic names and mashed them up with new age/hippy names. I am relatively pleased with the result, which gives a suitably elven first name paired with a cheesy surname.

With the standard (non-human) races done I am now taking requests for future name generators. Leave your suggestion in the comments and I just might make it a reality.



  1. do you think you could do a sword name generator?

    1. I sure could. What kind of naming conventions were you thinking? In Arthurian legends they just have their own names like Excalibur or Tanlladwyr. In general fiction they have names like The Sword of Dawn or The Sword of Shannara. There's also a convention of mixing two words together so that you get things like Mournblade or Icingdeath.

      The later two conventions are easy to do. The first one isn't easy to do in any meaningful way. I suppose one way to do it would be to convert words like "fire" and "sword" to Latin (or Gaelic) and use that to create something that looks like a name.



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